CTRL ALT DANCE – Pure Music Experience, is the one and only underground music festival in India, that dedicates itself  to all the exciting home-grown DJ/Producers of the scene.
As part of the CTRL ALT DANCE experience, we are proud to introduce – CTRL ROOM, a fresh new dance music concept, that helps you let go of age old beliefs, differences, and inhibitions, a place from where we let something larger than life take over.
The operative word “MUSIC”.
It is from here that our performers become the art, where the spirit is free, connecting us as ONE, where we bridge sounds of the underground in its truest expression to decorate your lives with a richer musical escapade.

CTRL ROOM strives to bring the renowned Boiler Room concept to this country, fine tuned to suit our audience to select musical innovations and to the musicians who play them. Reaching out to one of the widest audiences not only in numbers but from different walks of life that welcome personalities from the world of TV, Fashion and Lifestyle giants as the pulse of CTRL ROOM.

CTRL ROOM offers up as a monthly event for the mind and body, that shall travel all around the world, host parties and convert all these special moments into a TV/Online show.